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Dante’s Paradiso Blend


From the Italian word for Paradise; however, in this case it refers to Heaven.
The Paradiso blend was inspired by the final chapter in Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece “The Divine Comedy” – a truly intriguing complex piece of work, as is this amazing blend of coffee!
In the final episode of this magnificent trilogy, Dante finds himself on a galactic trek of the nine spheres of heaven. He journeys to our Moon, Mercury, Venus, our Sun, Mars , Jupiter, Saturn and conclusively to the fixed stars, primum mobile and ultimately Empyrean. The Paradiso blend is a highly sophisticated blend of nine different coffee origins, each one symbolic of the nine spheres Dante visited on his way to Empyrean , ”THE PLACE OF THE HIGHEST HEAVEN”

To enter into the gates of heaven we need to reach perfection. As roasters and Baristas we are always looking for the perfect espresso shot. To us the perfect espresso should be a beautiful slightly spicy sweet nectar, rich in texture, thick and syrupy, smooth and complex. Finally traces of dark cocoa should linger on. We truly believe that when carefully prepared, the Paradiso blend will bring you straight to those pearly gates.

The Paradiso blend – perfect as espresso or with milk.


A complex blend of 100% Arabica coffees from the nine major coffee producing origins in the world.

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