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Award Winning Organic Mexican HG Chiapas


The quality of our Organic Mexican was recognised with the award of the Bronze Medal at the 2017 Golden Bean Australia/NZ Coffee Roaster’s Competition.

Coffee arrived in Mexico from the Antilles in the late 1700s and was successfully cultivated there and has developed from strength to strength. Coffee is one of Mexico’s most lucrative exports, supporting the livelihoods of nearly 500,000 farmers and their families. Mexico is also one of the largest producers of organic coffee.

This bean is lighter bodied, but with a high grown brightness, offering mild and delicate flavours, with some soft citrus or green apple tones. Its semi-sweet, aromatic and bright . Overall this is a delicate cupping coffee with a fine acidity and light body.

This mexican organic is one of our favourite single origins, and after you try it you will see why. Enjoy!


Country of Origin Mexico
Region Chiapas
Variety Arabica, Catimor
Altitude 200-1200 masl
Grade Premium
Process Mostly shade grown, fully washed, sundried
Cup Bright, light body with notes of citrus, green apples and sometimes chocolate.
Certification NASAA Organic Certified
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A