Our Roastery

Our coffee is unique. It is roasted in one of the greenest and cleanest roasters available in the world today.

We believe that this method of roasting produces a more aromatic and flavoursome coffee, while minimising our impact on the environment.

Located in the Perth northern suburb of Wangara, Dante’s Coffee roastery is HACCP certified and equipped with state of the art roasting equipment. Our IMF Roasting Machine is a beautiful unit capable of manually roasting a batch size as little as 3Kg, the good old fashioned way. It is also able to produce 120Kg of consistently roasted batches every hour, all day long! Our smaller, back up roasting plant, is built in Brazil and like the larger IMF unit  features advanced afterburner technology to produce a smokeless roast.

Contact Dante’s Coffee Roasters to arrange a visit to our roastery to discuss your coffee roasting needs.